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Patch has been Released!

The update has added the new Interchange map and new game mechanics to Escape from Tarkov
We are happy to announce the release of a major update,, for the closed beta version of multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov. This game update introduces the new Interchange map, modern and somewhat atypical compared to the rest of Tarkov locations so far. The Interchange, besides obvious highways, features a huge shopping mall with shops and restaurants. The new location provides conditions for honing new confined space combat tactics. It should be noted that for some time after the update there will not be any AI adversaries on the location, they will be added in the following patches. Also, traditionally, along with a new location, we have introduced a new trader - Ragman, who sells everything related to garments and equipment.
We also would like to announce that the current update applied new, experimental methods for optimizing the handling of game physics on client and server, as well as new means to reduce network latency. In addition, specifically for the new Interchange map, new object rendering optimization technology was applied. Over the course of the upcoming testing, these methods will be applied to other locations as well, resulting in an additional performance gain. We admit that in the process of testing the new game update, you may experience various problems associated with new methods of optimization and new game features. All the emerging problems will be processed through the system of bug reports and promptly fixed. Moreover, the launcher was updated as well, along with numerous other fixes and changes. The new EFT update has also introduced a basic training that is going to help new players to understand and master the basic mechanics of the game faster and better.
"As promised, we are gradually and continuously introducing new features and realistic mechanics," said Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games. "So, after this update, players will have to spend more time on loading and unloading of the magazines, check the number of cartridges in the magazine and chamber. Note that different magazines affect the loading/unloading rate differently, and there is now a new specialized character skill - Mag Drills."
Other additions to the game content include new weapons, among them, the Springfield Armory M1A, Remington 870, AAR, APB and new models of AK including 100-series as well as numerous items for weapon modification. Overall, more than 60 new gear and equipment items were added to the game, including bags and vests, body armors and helmets, weapon modifications, ammunition and medicine cases, hats, glasses, and balaclavas. A detailed list of the new equipment was previously posted on our official website of the game and in the social network communities. You can find the patch notes below!
Finally, the update has been combined with the long-anticipated profile reset (wipe).
The following updates, among other improvements and changes, are going to further improve the project performance, network quality, bug fixes, and add new game combat mechanics. Soon, Escape from Tarkov is scheduled to feature the advanced armor system, flea market, Hideout and other features that were mentioned in the plans for 2018. Development and testing of the future innovations are already underway. Also, the test results of this update will have a crucial influence on deciding the Open Beta launch date. We are sure you are excited for all this as much as we are.

Patch Notes

Please take note that first hours after the update servers may experience heavy load leading to increased matching time possible network delays.
Please, take into consideration that this update is a part of the Closed Beta testing. Some of the introduced innovations can potentially lead to previously unknown issues or bugs. Please be sure to report all discovered issues through the launcher built-in bug report system. This will help fix them promptly.
This update comes with a profile reset/wipe. All bonus gears can be obtained again from your profile.
Time-consuming loading/unloading of ammo
  • Loading/unloading of ammo into the magazine does not happen instantly. The time required to load/unload one cartridge may vary depending on the magazine and the level of the new skill, Mag drills.
  • Time is spent on loading and unloading ammo in the raid only, in the menu the procedures stay the same as before.
  • Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading).
  • Only one magazine can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously.
  • The Info window displays the loading/unloading and mag check speed bonus if it is not 0.
  • If you’ve started loading an empty mag, or unloading a full one, the precise number of rounds is displayed.
Checking mags, hidden precise number of cartridges in the magazine
  • By default, it is unknown how many cartridges are in the mag, if it is not examined (hereinafter referred to as "Unknown/Checked"). Mag counter displays an unknown number of cartridges. For example: (?/30)
  • Check accuracy is determined by new "Mag Drills" skill.
  • The magazine can be checked either by animation - Alt+T or through the interface by Right-clicking and selecting Check magazine.
  • If you checked the number on the 0 skill level, then it returns "~empty" - "<1/2" - "~1/2" - ">1/2" - "~full". As skill level 1 an approximate number will be shown. On level 2 - the precise amount of ammo will be provided.
  • Full and empty mags are considered to be checked.
  • All the magazines you take into the raid are checked automatically.
  • Loading/unloading a checked mag doesn’t change the state, it remains checked.
  • After firing, the number of cartridges in the magazine become unknown.
  • Ammo check precision now depends on the Mag Drills skill, not on Weapon Mastering.
  • Outside of the raid, the number of cartridges is always displayed precisely.
  • If you have dropped a checked mag and picked it back up, it remains checked. If someone picked it up and dropped it again, it becomes unknown to you.
Checking the chamber
  • The chamber also requires checking. Bnly by animation using the key binding Shift + T.
  • If you load the cartridge into an unknown chamber, it automatically becomes checked.
  • If the shot was fired from a checked mag (first shot), the chamber remains checked. Otherwise, it becomes unknown as well.
New location:
Tactical Vests:
Body armor:
Weapon modifications:
AI Improvements:
Known issues:
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Gamer-District: A Primer

This post has been updated as of May 20th 2016.
Every day on this sub (almost literally) the same question is posted - which private realm should I play on? The easiest way to answer that question is to just give a factual rundown of the state of a server and let people decide for themselves if it sounds like it's for them. As Wrath is the best-emulated WoW expansion, I decided to sum up their features, good and bad, with a whole lot of words no one will read.
GD is a 3.3.5a Wrath realm intending to replicate the state of WoW as it existed during the Year of Icecrown but with the quality of life features a lot of players may expect or want from a private realm being developed years later.
-What's the deal with their homepage?-
If you go to, the frontpage doesn't even indicate it's a WoW private realm. Once you register you can't see anything, and there's not an obvious indication of how to even go about getting on the realm. This is all intentional. They bury the realm list on a forum message several points deep in the registration process, and the website does not convert to the fully functional one until several hours after you register and begin playing. God knows why - I guess it weeds out people just registering on a lark, and adds to the secrecy of the realm, but it's not a SECRET, you know? I mean I'm posting about it right now. It's a bizarre process. Anyway, their website has a live population tracker per-faction, armory with the 3D model viewer, changelog, et al once it actually activates. Again, a very odd decision to hide everything, but it's one they're sticking with.
-Custom Stuff-
-What Sucks?-
-Too Long; Did Not Read-
It's Wrath with high rates, some nice QoL and custom stuff you may or may not like.
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Don't you think some people are unthankful?

I see you guys tipping and spreading the word, which is how I found out about Bitcoin a moment ago via freebies . One can only be thankful- I already found some shops via Google in my local area accepting bitcoin, so thanks for introducing me to it. I still have no idea how exactly to get new bitcoins, but I think I'll eventually figure it all out. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to bitcoins. I just recently started to take online privacy seriously and I feel so stupid for not knowing about bitcoins, using a VPN paid via my credit card and thinking I am ok.facepalm
I'm also new to reddit so sorry if I didn't format my text properly or if this is the wrong section for my post.
going to spend my evening reading about bitcoins
Do you recommend any wallets? I have hive now, I just finished reading about Armory but I don't think it's meant for the regular user. I'm looking for something with WinPC/Android support. You probably know better than me which online wallet's the best and the safest, so please tell me! ..^
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