Toyota and Merck Join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Which are the most interesting facts about Ethereum?

You may have heard about Ethereum and wonder what it is all about. This is a type of crypto-platform platform that has been developing since 2013. This new form of compensation is becoming more and more popular as an electronic means of rewarding goods or services. The Ethereum platform is open source so it is accessible to the public. It is based on block technology and offers a virtual machine capable of performing scripts through the use of an internal node network.
Here are ten things you may not know about Ethereum.
1. Ethereum was funded through so-called “crowdfunding” (group funding). Vitalc Buttern is a researcher in the crypto-lite, as well as a battler programmer. He had the idea of ​​”Ethereum” by the end of 2013, but he did not have enough resources to make his idea a reality. As many artists are doing these days, it has turned to a kind of group funding to get the capital needed to further develop the program and launch the distribution. His project was successful in online public sale in July-August 2014. The program was completed and delivered by July 30, 2015.
2. Ethereum has achieved impressive advances in the development The Ethereum Alliance, known as the EEA, is a collaboration of many block start-ups. Also joined by Fortune 500 companies and research groups. It is a non-profit organization that consists of 116 members of the enterprise. The organization has been developed to coordinate the further development, distribution, and use of the permitted version of Block Ethereum in the industry.
3. Ethereum is supported by large businesses Some of the world’s leading corporations joined the EEA and supported “further development.” Some of the most famous companies are Samsung SDS, Toyota Research Institute, Banco Santander, Microsoft, J.P.Morgan, Merck GaA, Intel, Deloitte, DTCC, ING, Accenture, Consensys, Bank of Canada and BNY Mellon.
4. Security is the top concern of the company Whenever you deal with a cryptoLogic system, security is a top priority. While exceptional measures have been taken to strengthen the integrity and protect the platform from intruders, hackers are constantly trying to penetrate security mechanisms and gain access to their own destruction. There have been no such cases, and the company is vigilant in maintaining the safety standards and improving them accordingly.
5. The change will be the constant for Ethereum Some EEA members have indicated the need to continue investigating hybrid architectures that could anchor private blocks to Ethereum’s public block. This would help to expand the future platform, making it easier to add additional blocks that would help potentially exponential growth. These are their plans for the future of the platform.
6. EEA expresses concern about servility Since this type of environment is constantly changing, there is a danger that the expansion of the platform and the inclusion of additional anchors on a block will cause problems with servility. The real concern comes from the inclusion of permitted and seamless blocks when the bridge is made. Much work still needs to be done by the participating research organizations as well as by the engineers who create the drawings that will “conduct” the behavior of the platform.
7. Undertakings to be addressed EEA is working on the creation of open source reference standards, along with private “authorized” versions of the block, which will cover various stakeholders in automotive, consulting, management, healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, mobile and other industries. Ethereum developers are currently taking part in the discussions and plans for progress on these projects.
8. Ethereum started as the paper When Vitalic Butterin had the first idea of ​​the Ethereum platform, he described it as “white paper”. He “puts on the table” a lot of experience in the Bitcoin industry, actually worked as a programmer. It starts with building decentralized applications.
9. Butterin had to fight to make his way Vital Buchterin initially stood behind the argument that Bitcoin requires scripting language to develop an application. There was a disagreement with the core team of Ethereum, and although he was opposed to his idea, he ventured to develop a new platform that included scripting language that was more common. The project started in 2014 through the Ethereum Switzerland, a nonprofit foundation.
10. The scale was the real concern Ethereum has shown to the world that the use of the digital currency can work very well. Initially, technological developments were so impressive that they brought a lot of praise and support, but EAA still had concerns about the scale of the platform. From what we have so far touched, the issues related to the various aspects of vulnerability created by expansion are currently being explored by several groups of professionals who are dealing with problems before the project starts.
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For Once A Thoughtful Post on SLF

u/cornycatlady posted on SLF:
You may have noticed:
  1. The aged out prostitutes on SLF have no qualms about launching ageist attacks against younger girls between 18-25, calling the latter simpletons and immature. In reality, the thoughts expressed by the post showed much more maturity than the lying hags attacking heit.
  2. Many of those aged out prostitutes are chronic liars. Who would believe their stories about SD's buying her a Tesla Model S then a Model 3? (It's like buying a Toyota Camry/Corolla to replace a recent vintage Lexus LS; did the writer ever get to see the inside of those cars before writing such nonsense?) or SD giving her a beach house before conveniently dying? or being engaged to an SD of many years but somehow the SD has relocatedd to Europe for many months and they are still engaged to be married.
  3. The buying-her-a-beach-house-then-dying-timely story sounds like the wishful dream of an aged out prostitute pretending to be an SB. It shouldn't be a surprise that a woman having to stay in sex industry for too long would become bitter, and consequently nobody, not even very very old men would want to invest in her as an SB. Little wonder some very wealthy very old men like Bob Kraft would prefer a cash-and-carry sex-worker instead of a time-bomb like the former Clippers' owner's "SB" V blowing up and breaking his heart even after millions of dollars invested into her. "V" would be classified as a sex-worker / prostitute not an SB in this forum due to her juggling of multiple men besides her primary benefactor. It shouldn't be a surprise that she would turn out to be a fiasco.
  4. The lies that the aged-out prostitutes on SLF weave are actually real life lessons on not to become a prostitute (i.e. providing sex to multiple men, thereby making her own life insecure in the long run) . . . if you know how to read between their lines. If older ladies were more desirable than younger ladies, why is the term "Sugar Baby" instead of "Sugar Hag"?
Now let me address some of the specific issues raised in that post:
For once in my life, I envy not being a man.
No need for such envy; you likely don't notice the sorry lives of the bottom 95% of men.
For us women, our attractiveness is predominantly tied to our bodies and faces, and inevitably diminishes with time.
Your physical attractiveness allow you to engage and enjoy the attention of the top 1-3% of men. That is possible only because they pay little attention to older and less attractive women. Put it another way, even if you are a 9+ (there are no 10's); i.e. in the top 10% in beauty and youth, if all men were attracted to women in complete disregard of age then you'd only have 1 in 10 chance of finding a guy making half a mil or more a year as that's the cut-off line for the top 1% . . . that's for a 9+! only 1 in 10 chance. Of course in real life a girl of 9+ has better than 10% chance: she can get her turn while she is young and pretty. So instead of complaining about the transiency of the power of your youth/beauty, be appreciative of the fact that you can punch above your weight for a few years, so to speak. The dropping out of ladies in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and etc. that used to be attractive years ago is the reason why you are able to find the time and attention from a man in the top 1-3% when you only need to be in the top 10% to 20% (i.e. 8 to 9+; sometimes even a 7 on the 10-point scale might work).
Of course, personality, priorities, all that inside stuff matters too for attractiveness in women, but it won't attract SD when we are 50 years old.
The real number is much lower than 50, like 30 if not 27. I wouldn't start with a new girl over 27. I prefer longer term relationships that last a few years.
However with men, for me at least, wealth, education, attire, health, and personality is what I deem sexy. These things are acquired over time and have a longevity to this sex appeal.
Instinctively you are looking for security from a male partner to help you with your baby projects. That's what women are biologically programmed to do, just like men are programmed to seek sex. Both are healthy and normal sexual desires.
Many SLF comments also gave you advice on investing. The same forum would have recommended Bitcoin if you were asking the question 18 months ago, just before it lost 80% of its value in the following year. They are now recommending stock indexing and real estate after a decade of continuous price expansion in both, where were they in 2009 to 2011? I was buying real estate hands-over-fist between 2009 to 2014 (at 30-70% price discount compared to the 2007 peak), but stopped in 2015 as higher prices made buying unattractive. Price cycles like those are common in financial history. NASDAQ (mostly tech and biotech stocks) index lost 80% of its value between 2000 and 2003. The 2008 drop cut SP500 in half. The supposed advice from sex-workers on SLF reminds me of this scene from The Big Short: It's another reason why professional career choices with short time horizons are bad ideas: the financial bubbles and busts are there to harvest money from the dummies to those "deserving money." The old saying: Money always finds ways to reach hands that deserve it. Before you follow the advice of indexing this late in the current cycle (10 years in, as of Feb 2019), you may want to think about whether you have either the intellect or time horizon for either joining the herd stamped or beating the index.
Let's take a detour and examine two simple games of dice rolls: a simple standard six-sided dice (1-6) vs. two dices rolling and averaging the two. The single fair dice would of course give (100% / 6) = 16.7% chance to each of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Rolling two dices and averaging the two would still produce results between 1 and 6, averaging exactly the same 3.5 expectation/average value. However, the distribution of outcomes are drastically different: there are 36 possible permutations when rolling two dices (many are redundant outcomes after averaging), but exactly 1 out 36 can produce an average of 6, so the probability of getting a 6 is 1/36 = 2.8%, which is drastically lower than the 16.7% probability of getting an outcome of 6 when rolling a single dice. In fact, there are two different ways of getting an average of 5.5: (6, 5) (5, 6); three different ways of getting an average of 5: (5, 5) (6, 4) (4, 6). So there are a total of 6 ways of getting 5 or better when rolling two dices and averaging them (out of 36 possible outcomes) and their average is (1x6 + 2x5.5 + 3x5) = 5.3. The cut-off line for the top 16% in single dice roll is a 6, whereas the cut-off for the top 16% in averaging two dice rolls is a full point lower (16.7% lower) at 5 (not even 5.5) and the average of the top 16% is only 5.3 (compared to 6 in single dice rolls); the average of the top 1/6 outcome from averaging-two-dice-rolls is literally lower than the average of the top 1/3 outcomes from single dice rolls! 5.3 vs. 5.5. There are far more than 33% probability of getting an outcome between 3 and 4 (inclusive of 3 and 4) when averaging two dice rolls.
That's the type of mathematical reality that you have to deal with when averaging two X-chromosomes (aka "being a woman," averaging two strands of dices) vs. having only one X-chromosome (aka "being a man," rolling only one genetic dice at each gene site for protein encoding/synethsis); X-chromosome is where most genes for intelligence are located (Y-chromosome having only less than 80 genes compared to the X's around 1200 genes is little more than a stub for exposing the single X-chromosome in men, so that the females can have more clear targets for sexual selection). Women are effectively given a genetic insurance policy to have far more outcomes in the middle of the distribution (the equivalent of between 3 and 4 in the dice rolls above) while giving up substantial probabilities at both extremes: both the extremely brilliant and the extremely dumb have much more men than women. Heck, the curse of having only one X-chromosome is so severe that boys have statistically significant higher probability of dying before reaching adulthood than girls do.
Unfortunately, as a woman, the biological instincts make you see only the top few percentage of men (it is the driving force behind evolution, and the reason why humanity exists); btw, men similarly instinctively sense whether you still have live eggs on the shelf, courtesy of the same evolutionary process. It is hard enough for a man to be successful enough to be in the top 1-5% (what it takes to be able to afford sugaring consistently), literally only 1 in 20 chance or lower; it's much harder for a woman . . . and more than half of it is due to what you are born with! Decades and billions of federal money spent on Head-Start already proved that education, even starting as early as pre-school, has little effect on a person's eventual level of success in adulthood; what makes a good college good is the admission process (i.e. the student body itself).
So, what's the solution for a young woman? How to put together a relatively happy and content life for yourself? (instead of concocting them in fantasy stories online)
IMHO, the first order of business is learning to be content with what you have, what you can produce on your own (and what your partner can provide for you when you can find one). Then try to recruit a competent/excellent male helpesponsor. If your SD is not destined to be your reproductive partner, then the less luxury he exposes you to is ironically better for you in the long run: leaving more room for your future reproductive partner to impress you. Given today's feminist indoctrination (premising that women are identical to men), it's hard for a woman to be a submissive good wife: who wants to be a good submissive wife when her friends are beating up their husbands and bragging about it and cheered on by mainstream media. Unless you are one of the rare ones who can be content with "leaving the burden of family decision making to the husband," a more suitable solution may well be co-parenting with a successful man: he pays for your own household, in which you indeed are head-and-shoulders above those surrounding you (your kids); his sponsorship can also enable you to be better off than your immediate neighbors, in a good neighborhood with good school district, but not necessarily the most expensive neighborhoods where the neighboring wives make each other unhappy via their competition.
My advice to my own daughter is getting "married" (de jure or de facto) by 22yo, likely the peak of a girl's "marketability." Have babies early while physical recovery is fast. Then pursue professional careers after the kids are grown old enough to attend schools. Don't obsess with the rat race or being a tax slave. She will likely find much more happiness in her own family (especially her own kids) than in serving bosses and business customers.
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Cryptocurrency is essentially digital money traded from one person to another through the use of pseudonyms. There are no intermediaries like banks, no governmental oversight or authority, and no fees. The “crypto” in cryptocurrency refers to the use of cryptography to ensure the security and privacy of every transaction.
New coins are created through a technique called mining. The process requires powerful computers that solve complex math problems. Each problem should take about 10 minutes to solve, and results in the creation of a predetermined number of coins. The total number of coins that can be created is fixed — there’s a limit of 21 million bitcoins that can be created. The number of coins rewarded for solving each problem dwindles as time goes on.
Bitcoin is believed to have been created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an enigmatic figure who has so far proven all but impossible to definitively identify. By using cryptography to control the creation and tracking of a digital currency, Nakamoto took that power away from central authorities like governments.
Bitcoin was the first and most famous digital currency, but you can choose from more than 1,500, including ether, litecoin and even cryptokitties. For awhile, you saw these currencies only in the darkest corners of the internet, where people used them for all sorts of questionable, even illegal, activities. Drug dealers liked them because they made transactions all but invisible, and trolls at the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency used bitcoin to finance their campaign to influence the 2016 election.
That started to change in 2014, when Overstock became the first major US retailer to accept bitcoin. Companies like Expedia and Microsoft followed suit.
One of the biggest misconceptions about cryptocurrencies is that you need thousands of dollars to invest. It’s an easy assumption to make, especially in the case of bitcoin, which stayed under $1,000 from about 2010 to 2017. But then it took off, surpassing thousand-dollar milestones at a pace that seemed quicker than you could refresh your phone.
The staggering value is off-putting to many. But unlike most stocks, you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin so you don’t need thousands to get into the crypto game.
As more technological advancements are uncovered, BEXAM, a revolutionary blockchain/DAG hybrid platform with high speeds of 0.2s block time, full scalability with no delays, and world class security that hinders hacking and data manipulation came on board.


BEXAM’s root is Japan which connotes quality, to authenticate this, we can take a look at what sets Japan’s inventions apart from others. Most of Japan’s inventions are not new, but a perfection of other inventions such as Sony’s portable radio-the walkman, Toyota’s hybrid vehicles e.t.c. Japanese inventions are majorly improvements on existing products through small steps no matter how good the product is already. BEXAM inculcated this practice also known as “kaizen” which is globally recognized. The philosophy means continual improvement and was also adopted by Toyota. BEXAM strongly believes in progressive development, thereby seeing each day as an opportunity to be better than the previous day. This encouraged their partnership with Early Works Co.Ltd, a Japanese technology company who shares the same vision. BEXAM assures its clients of a constantly evolving project aiming to fulfil their needs in a better way and everyday.

It has a management with over a decade expertise in the software business with developing and promoting virtual merchandise, they possess an in-debt knowledge and are well versed with what users want and they have the needed resources to make them available. BEXAM is a new age exchange with a vast range of functionalities which are all user friendly (easy to use) to both masters and newbies in the crypto space. The core purpose of this innovation is to curb (exterminate.) current complexities traders and investors come across on a daily basis when trading and to introduce a new era where traders can experience an enjoyable, engaging and profitable trade.
Furthermore, BEXAM will improve the blockchain technology and data management sectore as a whole, which will enable a future of reliable and unprecedented expectations in cyber security and efficiency. BEXAM will also enlighten and illustrate to the world the efficacy of blockchain which will be transformed in the daily lives of people.


This feature is essential for newbies because most of the don’t know when to enter or exit a trade, newbies in the crypto see cryptocurrency trading as a high Return On Investments and they do not understand the monetary risk that’s accompanied with what they’re doing. The demo trading will help them learn about trading and in no time they will be masters.
Users will be able to view their profit or loss report from their account dashboard; the report will give them extensive analysis on the executed trade and will help them detect and take a good position for future trades.
This provides users the opportunity to search any token or coin based on their decrease or increase in value along with technical analysis indicators like RSI, ADX, MACD, EMA & SMA. Users just need to navigate to the crypto radar on the trading platform and search for any pair of their choice.


BXA is a utility token which users will use in BEXAM platform, using BXA for payments attracts 20% discount on transactions fee. BXA will be paired with BITCOIN ETHEREUM, USDT, EURT, KRW, and JPY amongst others. Listing fees for new tokens or coin on BEXAM exchange will require BXA tokens and all tokens collected through these listings will be burned. 25% percent profit derived will be used to buy back BXA tokens which will be burned, buy backs will be pre informed to the community.
Users with verified email addresses holding BXA tokens will have rights to voting the proposal of new cryptocurrency. Burning of BXA token will stop after half of the BXA tokens originally issued. Transaction fee will be as low as 0.1% for all trades on the platform.


PRICE: $0.12c








Bounty0x username: idrixoxo
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Ethereum - General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ethereum?

In short, Ethereum is a global computer, however there are several ways to answer this question, which are introduced on the dedicated What is Ethereum wiki page.
If you prefer to learn by watching videos, see:

What is Ether?

Ether (ETH) is the primary currency on the Ethereum network. Ether can be sent from one address on the Ethereum network to another, and can also be used in other transactions called "Smart Contracts".

What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts to keep it simple, is programming on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows the use of self-executing contracts that can completely remove the need for a middleman allowing trustless transactions. Secondly, it allows the creation of dApps, otherwise known as Decentralized Apps, and so much more.

What are dApps?

dApps stand for Decentralized Applications. Decentralized applications are a new type of software that offers a more flexible, transparent, distributed, and resilient model than your standard software on the market. dApps also offer one of the best incentivized structure in any other applications. To check out some cool dApps some people have made check out: State of the dApps - There are thousands of developers currently developing on the Ethereum network, and creating dApps. Many who are apart of the EEA.

What is the EEA?

EEA stands for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.
"The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. Together, we will learn from and build upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain currently running in real-world production – Ethereum – to define enterprise-grade software capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at the speed of business."
All of these members are currently developing on the Ethereum ecosystem - some of the most notable being Microsoft, JP Morgan, Intel, MasterCard, Cisco, BP Gasoline, Samsung, Toyota, ING, Santander, and 100+ more.

What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?

Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e. the stake). In contrast, the algorithm of proof-of-work (PoW) based cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) rewards participants who solve complicated cryptographical puzzles in order to validate transactions and create new blocks (i.e. mining).
In short, instead of relying on mining hardware and ASIC's/GPU's to mine future blocks of Ethereum like we currently use, you will be able to contribute and find future blocks just by owning Ethereum and "staking" it. You will be able to contribute to staking pools even with small amounts of Ethereum, and the estimated yearly return is anywhere from 1-12% of your stake without the use of any mining hardware. The move to 100% Proof-of-Stake on Ethereum has already started, however will be brought to Ethereum with the Casper fork.

Where can I learn more about Ethereum?

Main site:
Wiki: [Not working anymore]
Yellow Paper:
IRC Freenode: #ethereum ( for weblink)
Stack Exchange:

Where can I learn about mining Ether?

The Mining FAQ - (To be updated)
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[Table] IamA Parent of a 5 year old who wrote, illustrated, and published a successful children's book! His book is beating Dr. Seuss! Ask Us (almost) Anything!

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Glad you got some giggles out of that. I just feel like this has been a good positive experience for my child. We do things together all the time. He helps me work on my car, we built a play fort for the back yard together, he's always lending a hand for computer upgrades/repaibuilding.
This is just another in a long line of things that I've done together with him. A life experience.
Forgive me my positivity.
I haven't exploited my kid so i guess i have that. You seem to have good parenting confused with exploitation. My son wanted to publish a book, and I helped him do it. What would you have me do? Tell him no, crush his dreams, and teach him a hard life lesson?
Maybe I should just ground him to his room for attempting to do something so outrageous as publish a book. What was I thinking? :)
We know you have your own books. You mentioned it in the main post. It's relevant. The reason he asked me to publish is because he knows I publish. It explains why my son was so adamant about giving it a try.
Can you ask your son if he has any tips for a book? Here's his answer...
(for those who don't want to listen - he says "Write one. They're not even long."
I'm telling you, he's never heard of Heinlein, but he follows the core principles. If you want any tips from -me-, I'll tell you to follow Heinlein :).
Rule 1- Write.
Bryce wrote. He wrote over several days and carefully collected and ordered his pages into a book without any assistance or direction.
Rule 2- Finish what you write.
Bryce finished it :).
Rule 3- Market what you write.
Bryce harassed me every week for a couple of months before I finally came to my senses. I was basically the "big publishing house" keeping the poor little writer down :(. That will -never- happen again.
Rule 4- Don't rewrite.
He knew what he wanted in this book, and he fought me to keep it EXACTLY as it was. He can't quite read yet (he knows the letter sounds and he's starting to sound out words), but he was watching everything I did as I helped him put the words on the pages. When we got to the "Cheetah", we got into an argument about it. He insisted that CHEETA DON'T HAVE AN H! "It's CHEETAAA not CHEETHHHUHHH."
I had to prove it was Cheetah before he'd let me spell it correctly. We used wikipedia and read all about cheetah before we continued. I almost let him sneak that one by, but as his "editor", I had to fix it!
This is just so cute, but also very inspiring. You're raising your kid very well, he sounds very articulate for a five year old. He has a BIG vocabulary, although, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say he's articulate. My son had a bit of a speech delay, and he's spent the last year in speech therapy working on helping him with a few of his letter sounds (he did a lot of letter-sound substitution, and flat-out-couldn't make sounds like K).
He's very smart, and very well spoken, but for awhile there it was very hard to understand what he was saying.
How do you as a parent aproach his skills at this early of an age? Do you see a bright future for him in the business? I'm going to let him develop his skills on his time. I'm not going to force his process or drive him to do more - when he finishes his next book, IF he finishes his next book, I'll publish it.
Way I figure it, he'll hear plenty about the marketplace and about how to succeed as an author as he grows up - assuming I continue to do as well at it as I am now. He's not exactly going to lack for advice if he seeks it.
I see a bright future for him in general. Maybe he'll be an author, maybe not, but I'm very hopeful that I can give him the kind of leg-up I never personally had. My family was poor. Illness and some major life issues caused me to be pulled from school at 12 years old, and I didn't go back until I decided to get a college degree a few years ago.
My son already has a healthy college fund (which he will apparently be adding to), I've done EVERYTHING I can do to ensure he'll have the best possible upbringing, and I'm working hard to keep his life awesome and happy.
If I succeed, he'll have one hell of head start on life. If I fail... I just hope I can teach him the skills that will carry him through the good AND the bad times.
As Seuss would say, bang ups and hang ups can happen to you. Real strength is being able to pick yourself back up and move forward. I hope I can teach him that, above all things.
, you're an awesome Dad and Bryce sounds like the absolute coolest kid. You've made a fan out of me with this AMA and I haven't even read the book yet! You're awesome people and I really do hope Bryce keeps following in your footsteps. We recently read "A Long Walk To Water" together, so I think he's picked up a few ideas from that book, and he wants to get them out in illustrated form.
How are you guiding your son in using his money wisely? He's five, so I'm cutting him a little slack so far.
I asked him what he wanted to do with his money. His first answer: "I want to buy the new Plants Vs Zombies."
If you look at the "proof" pic up above, you'll see that he already bought it :).
I asked him what he wanted next, his exact answer was "A million, so you don't have to work and can play with me more..."
He knows how to tear my heart out sometimes :(.
I've got a savings account for him, so I'll be pouring his royalties into that for now. I'll probably set up some limits, maybe only letting him "spend" some smaller amount of the whole, or even investing a small piece of it for him. A five year old with Apple stock or a bit coin? Why not!
I might have to really start thinking about this though... He might be paying for his own college education at this rate...
Ah bitcoin, very sound investment there./s. You know what? It might be a TERRIBLE investment. Who cares? It would be a fun way to diversify his holdings. Put a little here and a little there.
We're not talking about huge money here. Hundreds, or maybe a few thousand dollars, depending on how his books do over the next year or two (unless something CRAZY happens). I think it's fine to throw that money in a few different buckets and see what happens.
And for the record, I did quite well on my bitcoins. Like them or hate them, I got in, doubled my investment, and got out. If I'd have held, I would have made a LOT more, but, like you, I assumed they were a pretty stupid investment and figured I'd made the money on a lark.
He's got quite a few years to grow an investment portfolio. I think he'll do better than most 5-year-olds at it ;).
That's so cute! YES! He says it's about two boys and a lion in Africa.
Has he started a new book yet? He's drawn two pages already.
Well, glad you bought low and didn't invest and lose all your money and home like others have done. It's a great gamble, but nothing more. Fair enough. I agree.
He can afford a few gambles. I'm pretty sure if you asked an investment expert for advice on what a -five year old- should invest in with money they've earned, the expert would suggest a rather risky portfolio mixed with a few long-term "safer" investments.
That is so cool! It sounds like he's a real animal lover. His thoughts on that...
(for non-listeners, he likes animals because they roar, and he likes elephants because they stomp on bad people)
Do you think talent often goes to waste in young writers who don't have an outlet to the literary world such as a father who is also an author like you? Youngsters just seem to be able to look at the world in a whole other approach than those who have seen it. Congrats by the way! Unfortunately, plenty of talent is wasted due to circumstance. If I wasn't an author right now, I wouldn't have been able to publish this book.
Same goes for wealthy individuals who can open doors for their children that a poor person cannot. If my son wants to start/run a business some day, and asked me for help, I would do EVERYTHING I could to help him - but let's face it, he'd be starting at the bottom. A childhood friend of mine belonged to a wealthier family, when he turned 18, he "started" his first business - a brand new multimillion dollar Toyota dealership. Obviously he got a bit of a leg-up that I can't offer my son.
I'm doing what I can to give my son the best opportunities and outlets for his creative efforts. I'm an author, so it makes sense I would open this door for him.
How much time would you say it took you to re-write and re-draw the book in order for you to publish it? Not counting the 2 months on your scanner. I didn't re-draw the book. We scanned his images straight in and he used a low opacity color brush to cover up the white background.
It took us a few hours to finish all the images, with the text added and the color added. It was pretty easy because I have an awesome drawing tablet for my son to use (he's very technologically adept).
It actually took me longer to handle the publishing aspect of things. I don't write picture books, so it took me awhile to get this thing looking good and properly scaling to different devices. Still, start to finish (not counting the time the book sat on my scanner), I'd say it took me about 4 hours from the minute I sat down with my son, until the minute HE hit the publish button.
My god. Impressive... Just out of curiosity, have you made a lot of money from the book? If so, does he get any of it? Thanks for answering :o. He gets all of the money. Every penny :).
So how much of the book did you write for him? Mostly all, or just the entire thing? Have you read the book? It is the work of a four year old mind, not mine. This isn't some crazy-overpolished book, it's a silly book that talks about seeing a double rainbow, finding the grand canyon in a cave, and of course, the twist ending nobody expects (I laughed when he told me what to write on the last page).
He wrote it. Every single word. We flipped through every page and he told me what to write. I wrote it all down in a pages doc, and I transcribed it onto his pages word-for-word. Is that so hard for you to believe?
The only thing I changed was putting an H at the end of CHEETAH even though he was convinced it should end with an A.
Now that your son has peaked as a commercial artist have you prepared him for his long slow decline into obscurity? His answer...
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