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1) If I sent my claim to [email protected], do I still have to file another claim to the Trustees?
Yes, you will still need to file a formal claim in order to receive your share of the bankruptcy assets.
2) What are the deadlines for filing my formal claim?
The deadline for filing formal claims is 30 days before the hearings scheduled to examine assets and liabilities of the bankrupt companies. The two hearings have been scheduled in two different dates: 7 May 2019 for WebCoin; 21 May 2019 for BitGrail S.r.l. Therefore the deadline to file formal claims are, respectively: 6 April 2019 and 19 April 2019. Currently working on getting information about best way to file claims, where to send and what needs to be included. Aiming to have answers to this late next week.
3) Where do I send my formal claim?
We don't know yet. We don't know whether it can be done online or via regular mail. But we are working to get this information. Once we know, we will publish the information on discord via #messageboard, on the nanocurrency subreddit, via medium post and anywhere else we can think of as a relevant channel to reach claimants. Hopefully claiming online will be possible.
4) What do I include in my formal claim?
We don't know yet what the minimum information required to approve the formal claim will be. Hopefully, verification of the email you used for your BitGrail account will help a great deal. There might also be other demands to verify. But this too is something we are working to get more information on.
5) How much will I get?
This is another question that is hard to answer at this time. In terms of crypto assets (if the reimbursement is done in crypto), it will depend on if the total amount of claims cover the remaining assets held by the bankruptcy estate or not. This is a process, and the most important focus right now is to begin and complete the process of collecting and organizing all formal claims. The trustees will likely not have anything to say about reimbursement before they know how many claimants they have to deal with and what the claims amount to in total.
6) What happens if assets remain unclaimed after the final deadline?
We don't know if the deadlines posted will be extended or if claimants who do not make it in time will get a second chance. I would strongly suggest not to be late with filing your claim, hoping for an extended deadline. If assets are still unclaimed after the final deadline, these will most likely go to cover those who have filed their claims in time up to 100% of what they lost at most (highly unlikely). This is not at all a goal. We want as many as possible to formally file their legitimate claims and will reach out on the online platforms mentioned in 03.
7) How long will it take before I can get my assets back?
Too many variable factors go into this to be able to give a specific amount of time. It depends on how fast the trustees and their assistants are able to work, how cooperative the creditors are, if the reimbursement happens in crypto or fiat, and how many claimants have to be handled throughout the process. While we have had a victory with the bankruptcy petition, I believe we still have a long way to go. Hopefully, we can all work together to get this right in the shortest amount of time possible.
8) Will the reimbursement happen in Crypto or Fiat?
As with so many questions, we don't have a definitive answer at this time. That being said, I believe this depends on what the creditors want, and the option of being reimbursed in crypto should not be off the table. Because we are dealing with thousands (if not tens of thousands) of claimants from more than 70 different countries (some who might find it complicated to be compensated through the banking system), reimbursement in Crypto makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense in terms of saving claimants value, as the trustees will not have to liquidate the assets into fiat before returning them. A reimbursement process in Crypto will likely also save time for this entire process. We will see how likely it is, but I wouldn't count it out just yet.
9) I can't log in to my BitGrail account anymore?
The BitGrail exchange has been closed for some time now. The exchange was not secure, and will not continue operating. Most likely, you will not be able to log in ever again, unless the trustees have the chance to and decide to allow login for users who need the data. We don't know if this is easy to do at this point or possible. For most, you will not need to login to BitGrail to file your formal claim, and the reimbursement process will likely not happen through the exchange.
10) I don't remember the exact amount I lost / I terminated my account.
Several claimants have posted comments about similar issues. We will have to see what is possible to do with these challenges when we know more about the process of filing formal claims.
11) Will Bomber go to jail?
We chose the legal system in this Bankruptcy case and have succeeded with this. What happens from here, in terms of criminal charges, is primarily up to the Public Prosecutor if this person deems it necessary or not. It is not a focus for this group at this point. Damage has definitely been done to the customers who used the BitGrail exchange. Because so many inaccurate statements from Bomber and Bitgrail have been shared on social media and spread around in different online publications, it has been important to make sure the facts were set straight and the court ruling was well known, now that it is public.
For the sake of NANO (the asset that a great majority of the creditors lost, and still have percentages of now in the hands of the trustees) it was very important to correct the serious and incorrect accusations that the node or software itself was the reason for the double withdrawals. Many people, both claimants and others, have invested a lot of time and money in NANO, and when such a serious accusation gains traction (and is proven to be incorrect) it is vital to spend some time on getting the facts out.
Now that this has been done, I also think it is important to let the Italian authorities deal with the rest of it and let Bomber deal with Bomber. We have all been angry for good reason, but I do not think it serves any of us to continue focusing on him, moving forward. Our time will be spent in a much more productive manner if we focus on the bankruptcy process and what we can do to get the best result possible there.
This is a two way street of course, and if Bomber decides to intervene or make our process more difficult he will open himself up for a legal reaction. But so long as he does not interfere and minds his own business, I think the best will be to let the authorities deal with him and for us to leave him alone.
12) How much crypto / other assets do the Bankruptcy Estate holds?
As far as we know:
BITCOIN: 2 344,98 (+ 167,76 BTC ?) NANO: 4 001 097,97 DOGECOIN: 34 727 218 LITECOIN: 4 014,18 CREATIVECOIN: 87 964 LISK: 1 478 CFT: 376 684 BITCOIN CASH: 622,28 ETHEREUM: 2 619 BITCOIN GOLD: 339,59
In addition to this, the following has been seized as well:
€554.701,08 0.00080000BCG on the 2 bitcoin portal A BMW vehicle
There are expenses with this process as well. Those who have been appointed by the court to manage this process will need to be paid for their time and work with this.
13) What do the current claims amount to in numbers and crypto?
We currently have a little over 5000 claims, but keep in mind that these are not verified claims. This means that these claimants will all have to send in formal claims as well to have them verified and approved by the trustees (See question 1-4). I don't have the exact amount of crypto in total claimed at the moment, so will go back and update this when I'm done with them. What I can say, if these claims are anywhere near accurate, is that it is unlikely that we are looking at anywhere near 50,000 claimants or 220,000 claimants for that matter.
This, because a larger part of the crypto is being claimed in these 5k claims alone, leading us to think that it seems more likely that the final number of claimants can range anywhere from 6-7k to 20k on the high side. I say this with the strong caveat that of course some of these unverified claims might be inaccurate or false, so we will of course know more when the trustees count up the actual amount of approved claims down the road.
Bitgrail might very well have had 220k accounts, but many had more than one account, so amount of accounts do not necessarily represent amount of claimants. But again, we will have to see down the road how close or far apart these estimates are.
14) Can I get the same dollafiat value for my crypto as I originally purchased it for in 2017/2018?
This question has come up several times, and there is a very logical answer to it; If the cryptocurrency (BTC, NANO, ETH etc) gets liquidated into fiat (sold), someone has to purchase that crypto whether it be done OTC or via regular exchanges. This person or group of individuals will likely not want to pay much more than market price for the crypto at the time of purchase. If your share of the bankruptcy holdings amount to 1 BTC, and that 1 BTC is worth $3000 at the time of sale, that is most likely the amount you would receive in dollars. Simply because it is not possible to reimburse you with money that is not there.
This is also a good argument for accepting reimbursement in Crypto, rather than fiat (if this is possible), as the extra time, fees and complications with reimbursing you in fiat can be avoided. We are in a bear market right now. We don't know how long it will last or when/if we will head back into the bull market eventually. But the best hope for you to receive more in fiat value pr. crypto held would be if the market eventually turns around and people are willing to pay a higher market price pr. crypto than what is possible in today's market.
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OOOBTC exchange is a gateway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and crypto related services based in Singapore. OOOBTC can boast of a robust security mechanism for a reliable and hackfree trading experience. OOOBTC provides a diversified trading functions such as spot trading,OTC trading,futures,decentralised trading and whole network trading. OOOBTC aims to integrate a debit/credit card payment system to aid in fiat/crypto trading and increase liquidity, OOOBTC boasts of a user friendly UI,multilingual support,revenue structured and a gaming platform for gamers. A revenue based platform with cheap service fees The world's financial system is going decentralized through blockchain technology,people wants to trade and own crypto assets on a very safe platform, considering also that it is gaining legitimacy across the globe,acceptability by various businesses, OOOBTC believes in meeting the needs of its customers and crypto enthusiasts at large.
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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Industry News – (03.29.19 – 04.05.19)

Total Market Cap, as of 04.05.19 at 3:00pm (PST): USD 176,296,809,504 (+23.01%)

Missed last week’s update? Click here


•Korean exchange Bithumb has been allegedly hacked for 3 million EOS (USD 12.5 million) and 20 million XRP (worth USD 6.2 million).


•Japanese exchange Coincheck launches a new OTC service allowing traders to purchase 50 or more BTC in a single transaction.
Binance announces Binance Singapore, a fiat-to-crypto exchange to support SGD (Singapore Dollar) onramps. The platform is slated to launch sometime this April.
•Indian exchange Coindelta ceases operations as a result of regulation that has affected cryptocurrency businesses in the country.
BitMEX refunds traders who lost funds as a result of positions being closed due to auto-deleveraging.
Huobi lists Dogecoin (DOGE) and accompanies the newly listed token with a 10M DOGE giveaway.
•Korean exchange Bithumb has been allegedly hacked for 3 million EOS (worth $12.5 million USD) and 20 million XRP (USD 6.2 million).


•Founders of Vancouver based Vanbex Group Inc and Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc are being accused of fraud as a result of an USD 30 million ICO that took place in 2017. The pair allegedly took crowdsale funds which was intended to fund that platform which never materialized. Vanbex has since released a statement denying all allegations.
•The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), releases a framework that outlines considerations which will help token issuers determine whether a digital asset would classify as a security.
•In what would be Canada’s largest cryptocurrency forfeiture, a Toronto Judge orders a previously identified drug dealer, Matthew Phan, to forfeit USD 1.4 million worth of Bitcoin.
•The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issues its first ever no-action letter to token issuer Turnkey Jets.


Coinsquare announces the intention to launch the first ever stablecoin backed by the Canadian dollar dubbed “eCAD”.


The Cyberspace Administration of China has approved 197 companies on its list of registered blockchain service providers. Of the 197 companies, major tech giants Baidu (Baidu Blockchain Engine), Alibaba (Alibaba Cloud BaaS) and Tencent (Tencent Blockchain as a Service) made the list.


•The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releases a job posting aiming to hire an Attorney Advisor specializing in cryptocurrency.


@ErikVoorhees - “The US dollar has fallen to 1/5000th of a Bitcoin”
@elonmusk – “Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It’s pretty cool”
@krugermacro – “Everybody outside crypto is talking about bitcoin today. From banks to funds to family offices to brokers.”
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The OOOBTC Exchange security

Introduction OOOBTC is an exchange platform that is based in Singapore and was founded in 2017 to provide a comprehensive crypto exchange platform globally. OOOBTC is the largest crypto exchange in Singapore, and it is currently ranked 26th on Coinmarketcap by trading volume with over US$400,000,000 worth of daily trades by adjusted volume. With the launch of the OXB token, OOOBTC is set further assert its presence within the crypto space.
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Exchange Security OOOBTC's trading system is built with a robust security mechanism and a reliable industry grade architecture for trade matching and execution, this provides investors and traders with high-level trading experience. In addition, its one-of-a-kind online trading style is able to compete favourably with the markets of other major exchanges around the world while providing even higher liquidity. With the team's hard work and dedication towards growing the OOBTC Exchange platform, it is believed that ooobtc platform will become the biggest liquidity provider for cryptocurrencies and digital assets globally.
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Don't buy into this rally. Just a warning. Explanation inside. (/Bitcoin/ banned me for posting this)

90% of people are still 90% down.
This market is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
Before you downvote me.... just for angst or hope against getting your money back. Hear me out.
I made 500% gains in January. Got out. Warned everyone. Tether. Manipulation.
I'll buy when the stops are broken and Eth flash crashes to $0.10 again
You have to consider. It's now September. Last November 2017, Roger Ver was calling for BCH to replace BTC within 6 months. Everyone's prospect about this market has been blinding and extreme, and for the most part upside down/misguided.
When its 9 months into 2018, and were every bi-weekly up/down 30% its unjustified for the current centralized system, to invest in a speculative asset that is becoming increasingly more volatile every month. We should be seeing less volatility. The chances now, of ETF's ever happening become presumibly worse. It's dangerous for regulators to also at this point announce an ETF, just for the simple nature that it will create another positive feedback bubble loop.
I don't know where some of you guys find the extra money under the cushions and couches... to catch what is essentially a falling knife.
God speed to you if Eth is $1000 next year... but...
The technicals are so manipulated, flawed, incoherent.
RSI, MACD, Bolingers, near meaningless, and that's whats scaring away everyone.
We've only had 10 years of track history in crypto, so Im hesitant in treating the system with accurate technicals.
The stock market indices have a track history of 100+ years. After time and stability, measurements, certain indicators were introduced. Bollinger Bands, etc. Do these measurements aid in predicting where BTC or your favorite coin is going? In my opinion, no. Now, its MOMO, Social Media, and #Yacht.
Long term, sure... were still up... or anyone that bought in prior to 2017 basically. So, I guess the moving average, over 10 years - is an okay indicator, but wait....
When AMD announced earnings a few weeks ago - they made a bold statement stating their 3rd/4th quarter revenue on GPU's for crypto would be near zero. Which is a very very bearish stance.
These huge price swings are freaking everyone out. Im not gonna use the "T" word yet..... as is the political climate -- and most politicians simply won't come out and say.... Tulip Mania.
The Dutch East India Company was the largest company of its time, valued at $7.1 adjusted for inflation. All because of... spice... opium... and most of all a bubble in tulips.
I'm more inclinced to study a bubble right now, so much so than the individual coins. But, the system as a whole intrigues me. Regardless if it goes up or down.
It's already been concluded that Tether was behind December's bubble. Academics have already proven this. It's pretty settled, like climate science. Going forward, with that conclusion in mind, put yourself in SEC regulators shoes now. There are too many questions, with not enough answers. There is no transparency. The exchanges, and the transfer of USDT is causing havoc in the system. If Bitfinex is the biggest exhcange in the world by volume, and they've basically had zero banking/shady banking since April of 2017, until "the largest exchange in the world" is put in its place - I honestly just have a fatalistic viewpoint on crypto.
Coinbene pulled off the same trickery. Can you explain the BitForex volume on this picture? This is now. How would one explain this to SEC regulators?
The majority of the members in this group are going to be long term bullish on cryptocurrency. I cant untangle that or the get quick rich mentality. The goal is to make money, but also to have discussion; on the flaws of the current marketplace. There are no assurances it will go up.
This isn't the stock market.
This isn't even OTC assets. Not saying Bitcoin or Crypto overall will go to zero. I'm only trying to ascertain my perspective, and pass it onto some of the more bullish investors. I have money in, but more or less sitting on sidelines with majority posted gains. I want to atleast share the other side of the mirror.
Unlike previous, crashes, corrections, there are certainly more variables. In the old days, you didn't have this number of alt coins. You didn't have the type of manipulation, social media advocates (Dennis Rodman; Potcoin; John McCafe). You didn't have Tether. You didn't have exchanges locked out by banks. Or government regulations, or China saying no. You definately had exchanges collapse. Back then, people still looked at Bitcoin as a growth opportunities and this futurisitic way of paying for goods. When China backed out, it changed my perception of the future. Also, everyone thought the transfer of Bitcoin would be free. Turned out, thats a big fat lie. That's why the system was basically built.
The banks and governments have crypto by the balls. And when MJ is legalized in the USA, all the PotCoin whales are just going to dump via Eth. (Joking). The only winners right now, are the exchanges (and circa this post Dogecoin). I still have not seen or heard of any winners in the decentralized era. AuraDao was supposed to be that. It's not.
Anyways, Vitalik B. was quoted the other day as saying we'll never see the 1000x folds again in our lifetime.
Meaning, if we invest today in 60 years we won't be Warren Buffet Jr. I think the overall sentiment is, (Im just speaking for the majority of people) is, people saw a technology. Then saw how the technology was exploited. In an unregulated environement. The sentinment is, unregulated currencies are fatally flawed. So, while they might stick around I think Dec 2017 was a one time only. Bitcoin rose to fame like Rhonda Rhousey. Then she lost. Sure, shes still around.. I guess. :P
~$6200'ish is the break even point for mining BTC profitably (across generational AntMiners). Just thought I'd throw that tidbit out there. You might see some strange 'floors' and 'supports' that look unnatural in the coming days.
At thats the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so. *Glass breaks*
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OOOBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange

OOOBTC exchange is a gateway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and crypto related services based in Singapore. OOOBTC can boast of a robust security mechanism for a reliable and hackfree trading experience. OOOBTC provides a diversified trading functions such as spot trading,OTC trading,futures,decentralised trading and whole network trading. OOOBTC aims to integrate a debit/credit card payment system to aid in fiat/crypto trading and increase liquidity, OOOBTC boasts of a user friendly UI,multilingual support,revenue structured and a gaming platform for gamers. A revenue based platform with cheap service fees The world's financial system is going decentralized through blockchain technology,people wants to trade and own crypto assets on a very safe platform, considering also that it is gaining legitimacy across the globe,acceptability by various businesses, OOOBTC believes in meeting the needs of its customers and crypto enthusiasts at large.
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HOW TO EXCHANGE BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN, ETHERIUM, PERFECT MONEY, ADVCASH FROM ANYWHERE. How to Sell Bitcoin on CoinCola?  CoinCola OTC Hot to Exchange Dogecoin to Bitcoin How to exchange bitcoin to doge coin or litecoin or dash coin or ripple How much useful exchange btc to doge coin in faucethub

O mercado de balcão, ou OTC (over-the-counter) em inglês, é uma operação de compra e venda de Dogecoin (DOGE) de alto valor, onde os termos são negociado diretamente entre as partes (comprador e vendedor), fora de um sistema 100% automatizado como um livro de ofertas. O valor da referida criptomoeda em uma compra OTC é normalmente mais baixo quando comparado com os valores praticados ... Find the latest Dogecoin USD (DOGE-USD) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. Dogecoin was a fork of Luckycoin, which itself was a fork of Litecoin. Dogecoin thus resembles Litecoin very closely, but there are of course key differences between the two projects. Dogecoin, for example, employs the Scrypt algorithm, something originally developed to inhibit mining by Bitcoin ASICs. Although Scrypt ASIC miners are today a ... Top Leading Bitcoin Exchanges United Kingdom. has provide a brief background of each exchange. Check out our reviews to help you compare. If you are Bitcoin Exchange owner whose business is not listed on this page yet, make sure to contact us today via email [email protected] ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT At DC Forecasts, we take pride in presenting […] OKEx is a secure crypto exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Buy crypto with credit card & PayPal instantly.

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